What does consist the WEST AUTO HUB for the car business of and how does it work

Certification laboratory

Certification and inspection of any vehicle

Customs post

Customs clearance in 4 hours

Service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Support of registration and re-registration of a car
From service to service 1 minute

Use the unique mobile application, where you can order services, view the catalog of available cars and track all ordering processes: from buying a car from abroad to registering it in Ukraine.

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WAH optimizes its business with webex24

If you are a WAH customer, you can also use ready-made products from anywhere in the world

In webex24 you can

  • Buy transport in any country of the world
  • Calculate the cost of customs clearance and upload all the necessary documents for its passage
  • Work with the CRM system and communicate with the personal manager

    $ 23,280 with certificate, take?


Get access to webex24 for free and speed up and automate your workflows

With WEST AUTO HUB you can optimize your business and work with large volumes

Cars for a day

Use a unique location where all the structures for importing a car are gathered.  CRM system webex24 will allow you to register more than 100 vehicles per day