Volyn region, village Strumivka, street Rivnenska, 74, 45603, Ukraine
Work schedule


9:00 - 18:00


9:00 - 14:00


9:00 - 14:00
  • Yuliia Rykovska
    Yuliia Rykovska
  • Viktoriia Shliakhtych
    Viktoriia Shliakhtych
  • Marianna Sova
    Marianna Sova
    Purchase of vehicles
  • Kateryna Fedchyk
    Kateryna Fedchyk
    Purchase of vehicles
  • Kateryna Tsytsiuk
    Kateryna Tsytsiuk
    Purchase of vehicles
  • Anastasiia Hurba
    Anastasiia Hurba
    Purchase of vehicles
  • Kateryna Bihun
    Kateryna Bihun
    B2B Client Services
  • Oksana Makarchuk
    Oksana Makarchuk
    B2С Client Services
  • Denys Melnyk
    Denys Melnyk
    Purchase of vehicles
  • Anton Bondaruk
    Anton Bondaruk
    B2B Client Services
  • Inna Olhovich
    Inna Olhovich
    B2B Client Services
  • Kostiantyn Dubyk
    Kostiantyn Dubyk
    B2B Client Services
  • Davyd Drala
    Davyd Drala
  • Roman Zhytynskyi
    Roman Zhytynskyi
  • Roman Haranchuk
    Roman Haranchuk
  • Iryna Melnyk
    Iryna Melnyk
    Customs broker
  • Karina Kysel
    Karina Kysel
    Customs broker
  • Andrii Mateichyk
    Andrii Mateichyk
    Manager customs control area
  • Oleksandr Taranov
    Oleksandr Taranov
    Manager customs control area
  • Kateryna Osmolovych
    Kateryna Osmolovych
    Vehicle certification
  • Oleksandr Sichkovskyi
    Oleksandr Sichkovskyi
    Vehicle certification
  • Maksym Dorosh
    Maksym Dorosh
    Vehicle certification
  • Andrii Tsypliuk
    Andrii Tsypliuk
    Vehicle certification
  • Illia Nikolushka
    Illia Nikolushka
    Vehicle certification
  • Taras Dzhus
    Taras Dzhus
    Vehicle certification
  • Olena Pasevych
    Olena Pasevych
    Registration of vehicles
  • Marianna Niunia
    Marianna Niunia
    Contract issuance department specialist
  • Roman Baranchuk
    Roman Baranchuk
  • Bohdan Tkachuk
    Bohdan Tkachuk
    Sale of vehicles
  • Sofiia Demchuk
    Sofiia Demchuk
    HR and Call Centre
  • Pavlo Gromyk
    Pavlo Gromyk
    Sale of vehicles
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All financial transactions are carried out officially through bank accounts and with the obligatory signing of an agreement. This guarantees the quality and transparency of service provision and maximum protection against any risks.

Our complex provides services to both individuals and businesses. We work with clients from all over Ukraine.

We do not set restrictions, but focus solely on the wishes of the client. We work with cars of both budget segment and exclusive. However, the older the car, the higher the cost of customs duties.

Yes, of course, you can use any of our services separately.

You do not have to visit our office to use the services of WestAutoHub. We provide services remotely, and all documents and the car can be delivered directly to your home.