Technical inspection

we check all vehicles for road safety

Is a technical inspection mandatory for a car?

What you need for a technical inspection

registration certificate
driver's license
What we check:
brake and steering systems
outdoor lighting devices
pneumatic tires and wheels
light transmission of glass
gas cylinder equipment (if available)
other elements related to road safety and environmental protection

Duration of technical inspection:

40 min
passenger cars
40 min
trucks and special equipment
40 min
40 min
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choose the vehicle type and a convenient date
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What is a tachograph?


let's make it work

reading from driver chip cards and digital tachographs

A tachograph is a control device installed on board vehicles. It is designed to record the speed, working and rest hours of drivers and crew members.

They trust us with technical inspection

the laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine for compliance with DSTU EN ISO/IEC17025

Frequently asked questions

N1, N2, and N3 category trucks. M2, M3 category buses. O2, O3, and O4 category trailers, regardless of the form of ownership. All categories of vehicles used for profit and/or registered to a legal entity.

Frequency of technical inspection:

  1. For passenger cars used to transport passengers or cargo for profit, trucks (regardless of the form of ownership) with a load capacity of up to 3.5 tons, trailers thereto with a service life of more than two years – every two years.
  2. For trucks with a load capacity of more than 3.5 tons, trailers thereto and taxi cars, regardless of their service life – annually.
  3. For buses and specialized vehicles carrying dangerous goods, regardless of their service life – twice a year.

There are vehicles that have minor discrepancies that can be fixed on the spot (by our experts). For example, replacing the light bulb in the headlights, pumping up the tires.