Cars from USA

Order a car from the USA with a discount of up to 40% together with the partner WAH - FIDRIK COMPANY

Cars from USA
Save time. All bureaucracy and hassles with documents are on us
Entrust funds to a reliable company, we make all payments to official accounts
Entrust Funds is a reliable company, even Make Al Paints is an official account

Why choose us?

Fidrik Сompany has many years of experience in buying cars from the USA, which guarantees the reliability and efficiency of the services provided. 

WAH, together with its partners, provides a full range of services, including the selection of a car, purchase at an auction, processing of documents, transportation and delivery to the destination, customs clearance. 

We work on the basis of official contracts and ensure clear transparency in all stages of the car purchase. Each client is unique to us, so we offer an individual approach to each order, taking into account all requirements and wishes.

Why choose us?

I want a car


Stages of cooperation

Free consultation

The manager will help you decide on a model, choose the necessary options, make preliminary calculations - everything you need to be ready to buy a car.


We work on the basis of an official contract, with a fixed amount for the car and services; they clearly spell out the responsibilities of both parties, and we are responsible for their compliance.


Payment is in stages; after the purchase of the car, an invoice will be generated for the payment of the first part: the amount of the car purchase, the auction fee, transport in the USA and transport by sea.


Before loading into the container, we receive additional photos of the car. The loaded container goes to the nearest port in the USA, and then to Klaipeda; the cargo is insured on the way, we carry it outвідстеження та підтримуємо зв'язок з клієнтом.


You can contact any of our managers for all questions about the car - here they will provide you with all the necessary information in detail.


Cars from the USA are a good chance to buy the right car with savings of 20 to 40%.

Sell ​​yours, order a new one

Sell ​​yours, order a new one

Auto market service

Tsars from the USA are a good chance to buy the right king with savings of 20 to 40%.

Currently, we buy cars from Copart and IAAI auctions, check its service history, mileage, number of owners, and also ensure the integrity of the car until it arrives in Ukraine. The cargo is insured and possible losses are minimized.

Yes, there are a sufficient number of cars available, and you can learn about them on our Telegram and Instagram channels.

It is worth considering the possibility of buying a car with a budget of $7-8 thousand.

Depending on the place of purchase and the port from which the car will be shipped: on average, the delivery time is from 4 to 8 weeks by sea + 2 weeks by land transport.

The cost of Fidrik Company's services is $600. This amount includes the selection of a car and individual consultations, maintaining contact with the carrier and tracking the cargo, processing documentation during customs clearance and up to the moment the car meets the client

Turnkey car from the USA

Turnkey car from the USA

We will help you with the choice