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Frequently asked questions
The certificate of conformity confirms the compliance of transport with certain technical requirements of the legislation of Ukraine. This document is also required for registration of transport from abroad in Ukraine.
You will need:
  1. Customs declaration or preliminary declaration, if the car is not cleared through customs.
  2. Invoice or bargain.
  3. Technical passport.
  4. Passport data.
Yes, you can. You can be certified in the West Auto Hub test labs, and specialists will send the documents to the city where you need them, in any way convenient for you.
You can pass certification of transport in our complexes:
  • in Lutsk at the address: Volyn region, village Strumivka, Rivnenska st, 74.
  • in Novovolynsk: Volyn region, Novovolynsk, Sokalska st, 1.
  • in Lviv at the address: Lviv region, village Zymna Voda, Gorodotska st, 16.
During the day. If your car is certified in the morning, the certificate will be ready on the current day, and if in the afternoon, the next day.