Deliver car

Fixed price. Reliable carrier
WEST AUTO HUB delivers any transport from abroad by car carriers and carriages.  We have a solution for a large volume - fast and profitable.

How does it work?
WAH delivers transport from anywhere in Europe. All cars are sent immediately for customs clearance in the customs control zone, which is located on the territory of the complex, which saves time. The whole delivery process can be tracked in the WEST AUTO HUB application.

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Do I need to insure cars?

No, cars do not need to be insured, because car carriers are fully insured.

How long does the delivery take?

Delivery time depends on the country from which you want to bring the car.

Customs clearance of cars

Quickly. Available. Honestly
Customs control zone and customs brokerage companies - on the territory of the WEST AUTO HUB complex. Everything you need for customs clearance of vehicles in one location. Carry out customs clearance of any type of transport - from cars to special equipment and agricultural machinery.

How does it work?
Specialists perform preliminary miscalculation of customs duties and accompany the customs clearance process. The broker prepares PP / PD / PDG, which is mandatory for border crossing, and carries out customs clearance.

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4 customs clearance of the car lasts up to 4 hours

How to calculate the cost of customs clearance?

For an accurate calculation, you need to contact a WEST AUTO HUB specialist, who will provide the cost of customs clearance.

Car certification

Certification of any transport
Testing laboratory - on the territory of the WEST AUTO HUB complex. Get a certificate of conformity for any vehicle quickly.

How does it work?
Specialists inspect the car and check for compliance with environmental standards. A modern testing laboratory provides fast service.

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Is it possible to send a certificate of conformity to another city?

Yes. You can get certified at one of the WEST AUTO HUB complexes, and specialists will send documents to the city where you need them.

Vehicle registration

Need registration? Everything is ready for you
Specialists provide support services for registration and re-registration of transport in the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Save your time and effort - use the service of registration. Order online on the website or in the WEST AUTO HUB application.

How does it work?
You order the service in any way convenient for you, choose the date, time and location where you would like to register or re-register the car. You come to the territory of the complex, submit documents and receive Ukrainian license plates and technical passport for the car.

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  1. Passport.
  2. Certificate of assignment of TIN.
  3. Foreign technical passport.
  4. Customs declaration.
  5. Certificate of conformity.
  1. Passports of seller and buyer.
  2. Certificates of assignment of TIN of the seller and the buyer.
  3. Vehicle registration certificate (technical certificate).

Yes, when re-registering a vehicle, an expert examination is mandatory.

Everything you need to import and export transport in one location

WEST AUTO HUB is a platform for importing cars and any other transport. Get the full range of services - from delivery to transport registration support, save your time and effort. Become a partner of the company and grow your business with us.

The complex combines the following structures:

  • customs post
  • certification laboratory
  • service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

How does it work?
On the territory of WEST AUTO HUB there are all structures for import and registration of vehicles. A software product has already been developed for you, thanks to which you can optimize and develop your import business. Track all processes in real time with a handy app.

Become a partner
WEST AUTO HUB and grow your business. If you import transport, are engaged in its registration or sale, use all advantages of the complex decision

Sale of transport

Car park - at the WEST AUTO HUB complex. Sell your car or buy from new ones. The car, which is located on the site, can be purchased on credit or lease.

How does it work?
Specialists get a car for sale - organize a car wash and a professional photo shoot, publish ads for sale on popular online platforms and accompany the entire sales process.

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What is included in the car sales service?

The service includes a car wash, a professional photo shoot, publication of an ad for the sale of cars on all possible platforms, communication with potential buyers and the organization of a test drive for buyers.

Turnkey car

Support at all stages. Business solutions
Get access to a large database of proven European auctions, car dealerships, car dealers and leasing companies. Buy tested cars abroad and use the full range of services.

Customer support at all stages:

  • purchase
  • delivery
  • customs clearance
  • certification
  • registration

How does it work?
Specialists buy a car, deliver it, accompany it at the stage of customs clearance, certification and registration. As a result, the client receives a fully decorated car.

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Cooperation only after signing a contract with the client, so you can be sure of the quality of services and legal protection. If necessary - the organization of inspection of the car abroad

Additional services
  • Customs warehouse
    Customs warehouse

    Keep the goods in the customs warehouse with conditional fbo full exemption from customs duties.

  • Purchase and sale agreement
    Purchase and sale agreement

    The sales contract is drawn up immediately after customs clearance at the West Auto Hub registration department

  • Оренда паркомісця на автомаркеті
    Оренда паркомісця на автомаркеті

    Орендуйте паркомісце на автомаркеті WAH в с. Струмівка на вул. Рівненська, 74 для самостійного продажу транспортного засобу. У послугу входить цілодобова охорона та професійна фотосесія авто.

  • Cafe Kitchen
    Cafe Kitchen

    Have a good time or have a coffee at Cafe KITCHEN, located on the WEST AUTO HUB. So we care about comfort for our customers.

  • Bank

    There are various banks on the territory of WEST AUTO HUB. Pay for any services or conduct other financial transactions. Convenient and fast.

  • Parking

    The complex has a sufficient number of parking lots, which are guarded and with video surveillance.

  • Electric car charging station
    Electric car charging station

    Charge your car fast. And while your car is recharging, recharge yourself at KITCHEN.

  • Comprehensive review
    Comprehensive review

    Check the TOR when buying and make sure the seller's description matches reality. After the inspection, receive the corresponding official document confirming the fact of inspection.

  • Professional photo shoot of a car
    Professional photo shoot of a car

    You will receive at least 20 high-quality, diverse photos from a professional WAH photographer.