Changes to the Law on importing cars as humanitarian for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Changes to the Law on importing cars as humanitarian for the Armed Forces of Ukraine photo

On January 23, a law that changes the approach to the taxation of humanitarian aid comes into force in Ukraine.

This long-awaited law expands the range of entities that can import vehicles for units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as specific military personnel, without paying customs duties. The law states that vehicles that arrive and will be used for the purpose of repelling armed aggression against Ukraine will be granted the status of humanitarian aid.

Thanks to this innovation, military personnel will have greater opportunities to effectively and quickly receive vehicles for the performance of important tasks.

Details about the mechanism of the new legislation will be announced later, as it is still being developed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

WAH can help you with the following services under the new law:

1. Choose a car from the available list - a list of vehicles available for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

2. Search for vehicles according to the request of the military on European platforms.

2. Accompaniment of the purchase of a car abroad, namely - communication with suppliers, formation of an international trade agreement, purchase and transfer of currency.

3. Organization of the delivery process.

4. Formation of a turnkey request - the cost of the goods, delivery and other related costs are taken into account.

5. Processing of documents for the crossing of the border of the car as humanitarian aid.

6. Documentary support in the transfer of vehicles in accordance with the current legislation.

We wish all our military personnel success and safety in the performance of their duties!


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