Children`s Day at WEST AUTO HUB

Children`s Day at WEST AUTO HUB photo

June 1 is International Children's Day. International holiday, which is celebrated annually on the first day of summer. It aims to draw attention to the rights and health of the children.

We are a socially responsible business, so we decided to arrange a special tour on the territory of WEST AUTO HUB for all children who have been pre-registered.

According to the program, the children walked the full route of the complex, which the car passes after being driven from abroad. This gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with the details of work of WAH and the structure of our complex.

Children`s Day at WEST AUTO HUB photo 1

The tour started from the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where they showed the processes of printing driver's licenses and technical passports.

Then the experts showed how to check the documents for originality and inspect cars. After that, the children had the opportunity to make their own license plates.

In the certification area, the participants of the tour saw how various types of transport are inspected, for example, a truck and a car.

The next destination was the customs control zone, where children got acquainted with customs officers and their work.

Children`s Day at WEST AUTO HUB photo 2

"Mom, I want to work here"

- such words pleased us after the tour.

The final stage was the coloring of a pre-made template of the WAH logo with colored chalk. Also, the kids were not left without nice gifts from the company in memory of this day.

Children`s Day at WEST AUTO HUB photo 3

We remind you that we are always open to cooperation and will be happy to welcome you at our complex.

Also, we offer you to watch our video for Children's Day.