Buying vehicles abroad - the difficulties and subtleties of international trade

Buying vehicles abroad - the difficulties and subtleties of international trade photo

In Ukraine, customer demand for cars from abroad is growing rapidly, so it is not a surprize that with the demand, supply is growing - many companies are now ready to bring potential buyers the dream car. However, currently only a small number of companies can properly organize the purchase process and provide the highest quality, fast and comprehensive services to Ukrainian car lovers.

Buying a car is easy if specialists are involved

WEST AUTO HUB has optimized the complex of process of importing cars in one area, which structurally consists of several stages. The first of it is directly buying a car. A group of specialists headed by Marianna Sova is working on it at WAH.

The process of buying a car begins with choosing of cars abroad that are suitable according the parameters and expectations of customers.
Most often, the search is conducted on such platforms as, AutoScout24, in proven partner car dealerships in Europe and at auctions BCA, Copart, Autobid. The client is given several options for the car, among which he can choose the most suitable for his car requirements. The range of countries to search for cars is diverse, because WEST AUTO HUB employs specialists who are fluent in English, German, Polish, French and other languages, which simplifies the process of communicating with foreign partners. Specialists of the buying department will contact the sellers and learn more about the technical and optical condition, possible paints, accidents, the lastest price, body number, service history. Pick-up and call services are absolutely free, so every customer can use them to get detailed information on the car he is interested in.

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Sometimes, in order to be more confident in the technical condition of the vehicle and the lack of body repair work, a car inspection is organized. The most frequently tested machines for WAH are international organizations Dekra and FSP. West Auto HUB is ready to organize a free car inspection so that the customer is 100% sure of the choice of his car.

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The practice of bidding still exists in the European market, so purchase managers negotiate with sellers about the lowest possible price so that the customer can buy a car by the best price for him. The information is given to the client, and he weighs the pros and cons and chooses the best option for himself. After that, the specialists of the buying department prepare the necessary package of documents to buy the car, its customs clearance and importation into the customs territory of Ukraine. In order to pay for the vehicle, you need to submit to the bank a contract with the details of the exporter and importer, the name of the product, its price, terms of delivery, terms and method of payment, as well as an invoice from the seller. When the funds are transferred to the seller's bank account, the logisticians take the car and transport it to Ukraine.

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How do I submit a purchase request to WAH?

To create an application for the selection and purchase of vehicles at WAH, just use the convenient application Webex24. In the "Purchases" field, click "New request" and enter the minimum parameters for car search. Your application will be promptly considered and the necessary information will be provided. You can also call 0 800 20 91 92, contact us via the WAH website or contact the address: st. Rivne, 74, p. Strumivka, Lutsk district, Volyn region