How to make money on car imports: step-by-step "instructions"

How to make money on car imports: step-by-step "instructions" photo

The interest of Ukrainians in used cars from abroad is growing. The market is growing, it becomes more difficult to compete. It is necessary to look for new approaches, to optimize the process. Here are some tips from WEST AUTO HUB experts on how to start your own car business or improve your current one.

In modern conditions, the sale of cars with mileage - it's not just "buy cheaper - sell more expensive." Especially when it comes to imported cars from Europe. Many problems have to be solved on the long way from buying abroad to sell a car in Ukraine. We identified the main ones and found solutions. The collected tips will allow you to do this business better: faster, cheaper, with less risk and with a higher level of service. So - to be better than others and earn more


Need to find a quality, proven, technically sound car at the best price? Obviously, the chances of doing this on publicly available resources are less than on specialized sites.

You can buy a car in a proven car dealership using the site Twice a week there are exclusive offers from proven European car dealers working with WEST AUTO HUB. By becoming a WAH partner, you will regularly receive notifications of new arrivals at favorable prices. WEST AUTO HUB will also provide free access to almost 40 different car auctions - including the popular AUTO1, AutoBID, BCA and others.

Do you need to carry out a preliminary technical inspection of the car abroad? No need to go anywhere - WAH cooperates with many official car inspection services, including DEKRA, TUV, CARVAGO.

If you don`t know foreign language, this will not hinder you in running a car business. The WAH team is fluent in English and German. This allows you to negotiate, quickly clarify information on the car, the purchase process and agree on the best price. Such services are provided free of charge.


Often when concluding a contract of sale and payment for goods you may have problems:

- no more than 10 thousand euros per person can be transported abroad in cash;

- Many European sellers do not want to accept cash;

- it is difficult to transfer funds abroad due to the need to conduct foreign exchange transactions;

- sellers often refuse to sell vehicles to Ukrainians and register exports to Ukraine.

WEST AUTO HUB specialists will help pay for the purchase in cash, complete all formalities, guarantee the purchase of a vehicle in any country in the world and provide legal support.

If you need to refund VAT after exporting the car, arrange a transfer of funds to a bank account. This will save time and money.


The WEST AUTO HUB team will prepare "turnkey" all the documents required for export. Including provide a certificate EUR.1 - a document confirming the European origin of the goods. According to the Association Agreement with the European Union, this will allow for a reduced rate of duty and thus additional savings.


It is more profitable to bring a car from abroad by car. First, it will save time: you do not need to drive a car in person and stand in line at the border. With the increase of quarantine restrictions, travel abroad becomes more difficult, but for truck drivers the requirements are slightly different. So when ordering car delivery at WEST AUTO HUB, you will be confident in the timing and ensure the smooth operation of your business. Secondly, it is profitable: it is cheaper to bring 7 cars at a time than to go for each one separately.

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Find a passing vehicle and driver conveniently through the webex24 system. Sometimes it is necessary to unite purchased cars abroad and import them into Ukraine in one batch. WEST AUTO HUB offers its partners parking lots near the checkpoints Medica - Shehyni and Dorogusk - Yagodyn. Subsequently, all purchased cars will be "swept" and immediately brought to the domestic customs terminal for quick clearance.

The carrier is reliable. You can sign a contract that will legally protect against unforeseen situations and guarantee the timing and cost of delivery. All cars on the truck will be insured, this option is already included in the service.

By the way, the official carrier can pay for delivery services non-cash - by bank transfer, and get all the necessary checks. If you order delivery on the website, you will be able to receive notifications and track the delivery process at each stage in the application WEST AUTO HUB.


Customs clearance is required to import a vehicle from abroad. On the territory of WEST AUTO HUB there is a customs control zone, where cars arrive from abroad for customs clearance. Arrival at the terminal is possible 24/7 - around the clock, on all days of the week.

WAH brokerage companies serve individuals and legal entities without intermediaries and monitor the process at each stage. Decorate any vehicle - from cars to trucks and special equipment. For WEST AUTO HUB partners who import more than 10 cars a month, there is a special offer - a reduced price for customs brokerage services.

For those who plan to declare themselves, WAH specialists train and provide the opportunity to register their vehicles free of charge with the help of the company's tools.

The webex24 system will allow you to calculate the amount of customs duties and leave an application for a preliminary declaration for crossing the border. It is also convenient to control the status of services, charges and payments.


Cars from abroad must meet the environmental standard not lower than "Euro-2"; trucks, tractors and buses - not lower than "Euro-5". Compliance with norms and standards is confirmed by a certificate. It can be made in one day on the territory of WAH and, if necessary, sent to any city in Ukraine.

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In order to profitably sell "freshly driven" cars, it is necessary to provide quality service. From preparing the car for sale (car wash, professional photos, effective advertising), ending with comfortable conditions for the buyer (convenient location, the ability to view at any time of day, test drive and quick purchase). Increase sales of financing programs - credit and leasing, which can be offered to potential buyers.

All this is offered to partners by the site located on the territory of WEST AUTO HUB. Grow your business while the company's specialists sell your car.

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Sell a "freshly driven" car on the site and register it immediately with the buyer. This minimizes costs. The service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is located on the territory of WEST AUTO HUB. The company provides full support of the car registration process. Here you will receive Ukrainian license plates and a registration certificate .


The unique webex24 system will help to organize your business in the automotive business: store information about customers, purchased vehicles and documents on them, order and control the provision of services, keep cost estimates.

The system instantly notifies on the website and in the mobile application about everything that happens to the vehicle. For example, buying and paying for a car, downloading and photo report from the carrier, obtaining a customs declaration number, successfully crossing the border, completing customs clearance, certification and registration. You will receive this information in real time. And your client - using the mobile application WEST AUTO HUB, which synchronizes with webex24.


The combination of all the services mentioned above is a business for the import of used cars from Europe. Take the easier and more profitable path - use a ready-made solution from WEST AUTO HUB. An integrated approach allows you to get all the necessary services at once.

Physically, WEST AUTO HUB has offices in Lutsk, Novovolynsk, Lviv, Rivne and Kyiv. However, most services are available online or remotely. The already issued car will be delivered to any point of Ukraine.

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The webex24 system will automate the process. The WEST AUTO HUB mobile application will inform customers about the status of service provision. Your competitive advantage will be speed and quality service.

By the way, each of the company's partners has the opportunity to receive legal advice and support of transactions, accounting services and even rent space in the complex. Starting a car business has never been so easy.

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