How profitable to buy a car at auction in Europe or the United States

How profitable to buy a car at auction in Europe or the United States photo

Specialized online platform is the best way to buy a used car at an online car auction. There is a large selection of cars that are updated daily. You can find many options according to preferences and budget: from economical "small cars" - to sport cars and premium cars.

Why are auctions popular? Because there you can get complete information about the car (specifications, condition, actual mileage, etc.) and not be deceived. If the car is damaged - this will be written in the inspection report.

There are photos of the vehicle from different angles, and sometimes - video.

The ads must indicate the VIN-code of the car, by which you can check the car yourself and learn additional important information.

There are three types of auctions.

Open car auction

Ability to place a bet in real time and raise it until you win. All bets are seen by other participants. The car will be purchased by the person who offers the maximum rate that will correspond to the amount of the reserve set by the leasing company or dealer / seller.

Tender-type car auction

Bets placed are invisible to other participants. The highest bidder wins if it reaches the reserve price.

Fixed price / buy now

The auction sets a fixed price for the car, so any participant can buy this vehicle only at this price.

Each auction has individual conditions of participation.

Is it possible to buy a car at an auction in Europe?

Of course! Currently, cars from many EU countries are sold at auctions, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and Poland.

Among the European auctions popular AUTO1 , BCA , ALD Carmarket, Athlon CarPlaza, Exleasingcar and AutoBID .

What about the United States?

Most cars at American auctions are "beaten". They are sold by insurance companies at a fairly low price, because they are after the accident. It is better to buy a car with minimal damage and only those in which the main structural elements have not lost their functions.

Copart , Manheim and IAAI are popular among American car auctions .

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How to buy a car at an online auction?

  • Register.

The data of potential buyers are needed by the auction to draw up documents when buying. By the way, individuals do not have access to all auctions. For example, lots offered by leasing companies are not available to them, at a time when car dealers have more opportunities.

There are companies that act as intermediaries and help to buy cars at auction. Such a company is WEST AUTO HUB .

  • Choose the car you want to buy.
  • Place a bid and join the auction.

To profitably buy a car at auction by yourself, you need to monitor constantly new arrivals, monitor lots, place bids.

  • In case of winning the auction - wait for confirmation from the owner of the car (leasing company).
  • Pay the car and the auction fee.
  • Decide with a customs broker who will prepare documents for the export of the car.
  • Deliver, customs clear, certify and register cars in Ukraine.
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Why are cars cheaper at auctions?

Buying a car at auction is a significant saving, because the cost of such a vehicle can be 15-25% lower than the market price. All because you buy without intermediaries, so their margin is not included in the price.

How is the process of buying a car at auction with WEST AUTO HUB?

WEST AUTO HUB helps you to buy cars in Europe: we learn information from advertising sites, communicate with sellers, negotiate, bargain for the best price, organize reviews abroad.

By the way, we buy cars not only from auctions.

Also, our team draws up all the necessary documents, numbers and insurance. We will prepare everything you will need at customs. WAH enters into an agreement with you, arranges everything from A to Z and is always in touch, so you will have no reason to worry and the time savings are huge. You pick up each car with a full package of documents and WAH can register it immediately if necessary.

Want to buy a car at an online auction yourself? WEST AUTO HUB will provide access to the most popular in Europe.

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