How long does it take to deliver a car from Europe?

How long does it take to deliver a car from Europe? photo

From time to time, European countries impose various restrictions related to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus. In particular, those related to the delivery of cars. Often the main requirement is the delivery of cars by truck and the presence of the driver's application for a specific car.

West Auto Hub "drives" cars with trucks and lavetas. On average, delivery takes 7 days. WAH prepares a list of documents to cross the border and "sweeps" the car.

We guarantee safe transportation. Trucks are insured and cars are protected during delivery.

It`s not a problem if you want to buy cars from different cities: the WAH logistic system is set up in such a way that car carriers move on different routes and can pick up cars from the right city. You do not need to plan the delivery route yourself. You can track all processes online in Webex24. West Auto Hub has favorable cooperation conditions for wholesale customers.

Webex24 unites delivery customers and carriers. For the latter, it is an opportunity to receive additional downloads or full orders. Working with WAH, drivers can obtain a license to travel abroad.

How long does it take to deliver a car from Europe? photo 1

West Auto Hub can "drive" any type of transport: cars, trucks and even special equipment. Do you want to deliver a motor vehicle? WAH implements this.

West Auto Hub delivers cars mainly from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Lithuania, France, Italy, Sweden and Norway, less often from Denmark.

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Cars from Switzerland and Norway are in transit through the European Union because they are not member countries. To do this, a T-1 transit declaration is issued. Due to the more complicated delivery procedure, not many carriers "drive" transport from these countries. Delivery is 70-80% more expensive than from the EU. But the quality of cars and appearance is at a high level, because the Swiss change cars on average every 5 years and carefully monitor the technical condition, serviced only in dealer service centers.

Customs brokers export cars from the country. Then you pass the EU in transit.

Upon arrival in Ukraine, cars are sent immediately for customs clearance, so when you order the delivery service from WAH, you get immediately cleared cars, ready for certification and registration. By ordering all 4 services at once, you will save a lot of time.

How to order car delivery in West Auto Hub?

You can place an order for car delivery on the website or by phone. You will then be contacted by a manager who will be told detailed information: which car to deliver, his VIN number, the address of the location of the vehicle, the contact person of the seller and the work schedule.