How and where to buy a car abroad online

How and where to buy a car abroad online photo

The Covid19 pandemic has taught mankind to buy goods and services online. "Sofa shopping" is now being done even in the most remote corners of the planet, the digitalization of trade and the auto business have not bypassed.

The West Auto Hub company is engaged in buying the cars abroad. More often, search platforms are auctions, auto sites, partner databases.

The most popular auctions are:



Exleasing car


ALD Car Market








One of the advantages of buying a car on these platforms is the ability to offer your own price and win a car for the most favorable price that the seller accepts. Each auction has its own terms of use, auction fees and auto delivery methods.

Playing with WAH is profitable, because it allows you to purchase a car immediately at a net or gross price with the possibility of VAT refund, since we are registered at auctions as a legal entity.

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The WAH purchasing department also works with ads from sales sites. The most popular Internet pages where you can find the car you want for your client by entering the necessary data (make, model, year of production, color, etc.):

The specialists of the purchaising department speak most European languages, which allows you to find out all the details about the condition of the car and the conditions of sale. WAH helps the client with the import of cars to Ukraine, especially with the sales contract and its payment.

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