How profitable to choose an electric car

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Ford predicts a significant reduction in the price of new electric cars. Now in the world they are almost twice as expensive as similar models with internal combustion engines.

The reason for the price reduction, according to the American automaker, will be a smaller amount of expensive and scarce metals in batteries, such as lithium, nickel and cobalt. In addition, it is faster and easier to assemble an electric car than a car with another engine.

For dealers of imported cars, this means that electric cars may also fall in price on the "secondary" stage.

How is it profitable to choose a car with an electric motor?  

The most important thing here is the state of the battery. The power reserve depends on it. You can check how "worn" the battery is in several ways.

The easiest thing that any buyer of an electric car can do on his own is to compare the range declared by the manufacturer and the one that the car shows on the on-board computer when fully charged.

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It is best to use special computer programs. They show not only the remaining battery life, but also the overall condition of the car. Here are some of them:

- Tesla ToolBox is a universal diagnostic tool from the Tesla company for cars of this brand;

- Tesla Powertrain - Tesla & Toyota development. Used to work with Toyota RAV4 EV;

- The Loki diagnostic device is a multifunctional device for Tesla diagnostics. Works exclusively with Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y electric cars;

- Consult 3+ diagnostic device from Nissan. It is used for work with the entire line of Nissan electric cars and hybrids.

- Xentry Diagnostic – dealer diagnostic device for electric cars and hybrids from Mercedes;

- LEAF Spy - the condition of the Nissan LEAF electric car battery can be tracked using this application for smartphones (there are versions for Android and iOS).

When buying a used electric car "hands-on" or from an auction or another remote method, it is worth taking it for diagnostics.

What is checked in a car with an electric motor?

- all electronic nodes;

- battery;

- electric motor;

- charging module;

- inverter;

- transmission;

- recovery system;

- brake system;

- climate control and thermoregulation system;

- security system and other systems.

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